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Waterloo named the World's Top Intelligent Community 2007

The Intelligent Communities Forum (ICF) has recognized Waterloo as being the world's Top Intelligent Community 2007, an honour that acknowledges the community that best exemplifies the development of a prosperous economy based on broadband and information technology.



Intelligent Waterloo Awards Ceremony Video 

At the ICF conference in New York, Waterloo was recognized for its commitment to fostering institutions, projects and initiatives that drive technology innovation and share its benefits with the community at large.

According to ICF, the community's success illustrates the power of getting a few critical things right and then working together over the long haul to nurture and manage the resulting success. ICF recognizes Waterloo, not for efforts to transform a failing economy, but for its commitment to fostering institutions that drive technology innovation and share its benefits through a culture of learning and technology growth within the community.

Waterloo's Success





Our intelligent community strategy grew from a need to address the accelerating pace of change taking hold in the community. By the 1970s, the University of Waterloo had become a powerful engine for local commercial and economic growth.

Thanks to its commitment to math, physics and computer science, its co-operative employment programs and innovative, forward-thinking Intellectual Property policy, the University has generated dozens of successful spin-off companies focused on leading-edge communications technologies and visionary IT strategies.

This allowed Waterloo to adapt deftly to the changes in the global economy and accelerate the community toward increasing global leadership in connectedness and community empowerment in a digital age.

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